Software Assurance Committee


Caitlin Dohrman, Tangram Flex --

Caitlin is Tangram’s CEO. Prior to joining Tangram, Caitlin led and directed all aspects of Improbable’s US Defense business to deliver innovative modeling, simulation, and AI capabilities. Before Improbable, Cailtin led product development and implementation for key accounts at Palantir. Her background as a Systems Engineer provides strategic insight into developing and deploying new capabilities to government customers. Caitlin has a BS in Computer Engineering from Mississippi State University and an MS in Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech. She also served as a Brimley Next Generation National Security Leaders Fellow at the Center for a New American Security in 2020.

Emile Monette, Synopsys, Inc. --

Mr. Emile Monette is the Director of Government Contracts and Value Chain Security at Synopsys, Inc., and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of FirstPass Engineering. His expertise centers on the nexus of cybersecurity, supply chain risk management, national security, and federal procurement.