Red Ball Express Award

Red Ball Express Award is presented to a deserving government or industry organization or an individual at the annual TWV conference.


Red Ball Express Award is given by the NDIA Tactical Wheeled Vehicles (TWV) Division to recognize superb contributions and public leadership or achievement that results in significant contributions to the development, introduction or support of Tactical Wheeled Vehicles. The recipient must have made significant contributions that led to the strengthening of our national security by developing, procuring, or supporting Tactical Wheeled Vehicles or enabling critical technologies that contribute to the same.

Members of the Tactical Wheeled Vehicle (TWV) Community


NDIA's TWV Division presents its annual Red Ball Express Award to a deserving government and industry organization annually.   The Red Ball Express Award will be given during the next TWV Conference.   TWV committee will establish a schedule soon for nominations that reflects the relocation of the TWV Conference to Monterey in 2019.  As always, if a submission for either nomination category fails to meet the Red Ball Express award guidelines, then the award for that category will be deferred for the next year.