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Armaments Division 


To provide focus on integrated armament systems including those used by individual soldiers, utilized on crew served systems, and integrated into land, sea, and air platforms. The purpose is to provide the forum for industry, military, and government personnel to address issues which are necessary to ensure a superior armament system capability today and in the future.

The Division addresses many issues, such as: Armament Operational Needs and Requirements; Approaches and Concepts, System Integration, Weapons, Munitions, Fire Control, and other ancillary equipment, and logistic support. Attention is given to total systems and to technology application and state-of-the-art technology advancements. Through these topics, sections within the division provide assessment of current armaments and a vision of emerging military equipment and operational capability applying advanced technology in total armament systems.

The division's goal is to ensure a forum for all types of armaments systems within the existing committees or through expanded activity of additional committees of the Armament Division.

The Division's activity is directed through three very active committees: the Small Arms Committee; the Guns, Ammuntion, Rockets & Missiles Committee, and Unconventional Emerging Technology Armament Systems.

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Mr. David E. Broden
Broden Resource Solutions, LLC
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Mrs. Britt Sullivan, CMP
Director, Operations
Phone: (703) 247-2587


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