Electronics Division Summer Meeting

Electronics Division Electronics
  • 6/20/2023
  • NDIA Headquarters
    2101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 700
    Arlington,  VA  22201
  • Event Type : Committee-Division Meeting
    Event Code : 387A


NDIA Electronics Division Summer Meeting

Please join fellow leaders in industry, government, and academia for a “whole of nation” discussion on microelectronics, addressing boots on the ground perspectives on what it will take to accomplish economic and national security objectives. By bringing- your broad perspectives on historical legislation from Congress, the CHIPS and Science Act.  and adjacent microelectronics policy and programs, together we can identify challenges and solutions to spur innovation, drive demand, and accomplish necessary measures for dual use ecosystem success in the US . 

Panel sessions will be held across three main areas

Technology And Ecosystem: Optimizing delivery of access to the ecosystem as well as shaping investments projecting to deliver on technologies and capabilities needed for dual use markets (defense, critical infrastructure, and automotive)

R&D Capture To Production: Explore and understand the “valley of death”, critical technical and business factors for bridging it, and driving investments to achieve the desired end state outcome of leadership in technologies produced at volume for defense, critical infrastructure, automotive, and other markets key for our nations economic success.

Leveling The Playing Field:  Understanding that sustainable success requires both supply and demand side efforts . We need to concentrate our scarce dollars and resources on the domestic ecosystem for dual use, incorporate traceability for IP and hardware for enforcement and value creation, and drive demand to secure assured supply.

Only in an industry association forum can we have such open and impactful discussions spanning the needs of our nation. Join us for this historical discussion and help shape the future for generations to come!



Ms. Britt Sullivan CMP
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Kimberly Williams
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