Call for Abstracts

The Integrated Program Management Division looks to this community and our extended partners to generate innovative ideas and approaches to managing complex programs, providing efficient and effective program management to ensure delivery of critical system capabilities and US technical capability advantage. 

With the overarching theme of ‘Managing High Risk Programs in a Competitive Environment’, the Winter 2023 meeting focuses on strategies for managing high-risk projects. Presentation topics that center on what management approaches have been successful in delivering high risk critical capabilities on time and within budget will be our focus.  Other discussions can include should existing management processes or approaches be modified to mitigate the inherent risk, what scheduling or risk management tools have proven to be effective, and/or organizational approaches or structures that have been utilized.

We invite high-quality abstracts for data analytics, process improvements, or policy presentations to add to our agenda of industry working group and government agency presentations.

Deadline for submissions is December, 1 2022.

Submit your abstract today!