Gary Leopold

President and Chairman
Small Business Innovation Summit

For over 30 years Gary Leopold ran one of the country's leading advertising agencies focused on travel and lifestyle marketing and his thinking has influenced and shaped such brands and destinations as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, American Express, Emirates Airline, Harley-Davidson, Hong Kong and Barbados. After selling his agency in 2013 Gary went on to be a Founding Partner of the Prism Advisory Group providing marketing and consulting services in the hospitality and travel sectors. Gary is the proud recipient of the Albert E. Koehl Lifetime Achievement Award in travel advertising from HSMAI, an honor he shares with Michael Eisner, Bill Marriott and Sir Richard Branson. Gary is a Past-President of HSMAI, which is the largest organization of travel marketing professionals in the world and is also a Past President of the MAGNET Global network which consists of over 40 independent marketing agencies across the globe, comprising over $2 Billion in billings and more than 2200 marketing professionals. Gary joined the SongwritingWith:Soldiers Board in 2014 and became President and Chairman in 2018.