Attendee Information

NDIA will reimburse the following expenses for the 2023 Leadership Conference for NDIA Division Leadership (Chair or Vice Chair), NDIA Chapter attendees and WID Chapter attendees.


NDIA will cover expenses for one leader from each NDIA Chapter and Division and each WID Chapter to attend the 2023 NDIA Leadership Conference.  NDIA encourages officers and board members to represent Divisions and Chapters, but the only requirement is the attendee be an active member who can represent the Chapter or Division during the conference and can effectively discuss conference topics with Chapter and Division members after the conference ends.  


NDIA will reimburse the following expenses for the 2023 Leadership Conference. 


Transportation: NDIA will reimburse either economy class air travel (up to $750), train tickets, roundtrip car mileage or a rental car used to drive to DC from outside of the National Capital Region in lieu of a personal vehicle. For travel in and around DC, NDIA requests that attendees use public transportation and/or rideshare such as Uber or Lyft. Note: Rental car reimbursement is limited to attendees who plan to drive to DC and do not want to use their personal vehicle.

  • Airline and train tickets: Itinerary with receipt of paid fare
  • Metro:Receipts for SmarTrip card purchase and itemized list of trips.
    • A SmarTrip card is required for each rider aged 5 and older. SmarTrip cards can be ordered online, or you may buy a card at the station. They cost $10/each, $2 for the card itself and they come preloaded with $8 of credit.
    • Fares range from $2.25 - $6.00 depending on time of day, origin, and destination.
    • Metro runs from Reagan National to Pentagon City, where the Ritz Carlton is located.
  • Receipts from taxis, Uber/Lyft, etc.
  • Rental Cars:Obtain receipts for rental cars, rental car gas charges and tolls.Note, we ask that rental cars be used as a last resort.
  • Personal Vehicle: Provide a MapQuest or Google Maps printout with the mileage; including the point of origin and destination.
  • Parking at the Ritz Carlton -- NDIA will reimburse parking for attendees local to the DMV area or attendees that rented a car outside of the DMV and are not being reimbursed for airfare.
  • Related travel expenses (meals, gratuities, etc.) must be reasonable and appropriate and provide itemized receipts when possible.
  • IRS’ approved mileage rates apply when driving your privately owned vehicle.


Hotel: NDIA will cover lodging for up to two nights


Meals: NDIA will provide the following meals on November 14, 2023

  • November 14 (Breakfast and Lunch)
  • Travel Days – For meals not covered, NDIA will cover meals, not to exceed $50 per day (max $100).


Other:  NDIA will not cover expenses for accompanying spouses/friends


Receipts: Please attach itemized receipts to the expense report.  NDIA cannot reimburse expenses with only a credit card receipt; we must have the itemized receipt

  1. Reimbursement/Payment: NDIA will process claims for reimbursement and prepare checks for signature and delivery as quickly as possible.
  2. Expense Report: The claim document is the Business Expense Form to which all appropriate receipts must be attached when claiming reimbursement. Please ensure you indicate the specific dates expenses were incurred using the date line (under the days of the week). NDIA will fill in the required internal account codes.


2023 Reimbursement Policy

 Business Expense Form


Point of Contacts:

NDIA Divisions:  Rhea Ambanta


NDIA and WID Chapters: Callie Harry

Email: and copy