Security Clearance and Gate Access

The 2023 Aircraft Survivability Symposium is classified as SECRET//NOFORN. For this reason, you must have a secret clearance and be a U.S. citizen to attend this event. Interim clearances will not be accepted.

Security Clearance Information

*All visit requests must be submitted no later than October 18, 2023. Please do not call Security or Visit POC to confirm whether your clearance has been received. *

I do have a DISS access: All cleared attendees of this event are required to submit a visit request via DISS.

  • SMO Code: 622715
  • In the Additional Information block in visit information include: "NDIA Aircraft Survivability Symposium"
  • POC: Christopher Adams, NPS (831) 917-7501. Please do not call Visit POC to confirm whether your clearance has been received.

I do not have DISS access: Follow the below instructions:

  • Provide a visit request on command letterhead and submit via DoD SAFE at  Submit via DoD SAFE to and
  • The following must be included:
    • Full Name
    • SSN
    • Purpose of Visit: NDIA Aircraft Survivability Symposium
    • Date of Visit:
    • Clearance Level: (Example: Secret, Top secret, etc.)
    • Type of Investigation: (Example: NACLC, ANACL, etc.)
    • Date of Investigation

NPS Gate Access

CAC AND MILITARY ID HOLDERS: Those with a valid and unexpired CAC/military ID will be able to access the NPS campus. You must have it on your person at all times. CAC/military ID holders do not need to submit a form for gate access.

NON CAC/MILITARY ID HOLDERS: Exact instructions for non-CAC holders are still pending. NDIA will follow up with registered attendees once instructions become available. In the meantime, please reference the NPS website regarding gate access forms and procedures.