Security Clearance Information

The 2022 Space Warfighting Integration Forum Executive Luncheon is classified as TS/SCI REL FVEY. Interim clearances will not be accepted. Please read the Security Clearance information below. NOTE: Onsite clearance checking will not be provided. You must submit your clearance paperwork by August 1, 2022. 

Security Clearance Information: U.S. Citizens

If you need to check to see if your clearance has been received, please reach out to Diane Sigler:

Visit Security POC:                                                       Diane Sigler
Visit Security POC Phone:                                             719-219-7417
Visit Security POC Email:                                    

Facility Security POC:                                                   Rich Hetfield
Facility Security POC Phone:                                         719-219-7492 
Facility Security POC Email:                                                                        

The deadline to submit your paperwork for security clearance is August 1, 2022.

ID Badge: During registration, each attendee will be issued a forum badge that must be worn during the event. Please be prepared to present a valid picture ID.

All visit requests will be submitted via the Defense Information Security System (DISS). U.S. Citizen forum attendees should coordinate passing their clearances with their respective Security Manager/Facility Security Officer as appropriate. This should include:

SMO Code:                                         54LS73
Date(s):                                             2022 08 19
Technical POC:                                    Andrew Peters
Technical POC Phone:                          703-247-2572
Reason:                                             Other
Notes:                                               NDIA SWIF Event

Note: If you are having issues submitting your paperwork, please contact Diane Sigler via e-mail address at the top of this section.

Please ensure that your company is the same as what will show with your DISS visit request.  Also make sure to enter the actual event date (August 19, 2022).  One-year VARs will NOT be accepted as part of this event.

Security Clearance Information: Non-U.S. Flag Officers

For FVEY attendees, please send a message through your Embassy to U.S. Space Command message address: SSO USSPACECOM. In the message, please provide your full legal name, correct event date (August 19, 2022), and your organization, as well as request that your clearance be passed to Catalyst Campus for SWIF 2022.

Additional Information:

Attendees will not be allowed to take briefcases, bags, electronics, devices or other personal property into auditoriums excluding woman's handbags; however, handbags will be inspected upon entry into all classified sessions. An electronic device is defined to include cell phones, two-way radios, AM/FM radios, personal digital assistants (PDAs) such as tablets, palm pilots, Fitbits, Smart Watches, BlackBerrys; laptop computers, cameras; video/audio recording equipment, pagers, and any other transmitting devices.

2341 Space Warfighting Integration Forum (SWIF) Executive Luncheon