Dr. Robert Wardle

Wardle Enterprises: Energetics, Services and Technologies, LLC
2022 Insensitive Munitions & Energetic Materials (IMEM) Technology Symposium : Keynote: Paths for EM/IM to Provide Strategic Differentiation

Dr. Robert Wardle is the principal at Wardle Enterprises: Energetics, Services & Technologies. Before holding his current position, he was senior director of advanced programs at Northrop Grumman (NGC) and he spent 35 years at the research and development department at Northrop and predecessor organizations back to Thiokol Corporation. He received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Caltech. At NGC since 1986, he was involved in synthesis, characterization, formulation, fielding and aging/surveillance of energetic materials.  At NGC, has moved through a series of increasingly responsible position from lab chemist to director of R&D Laboratories.  In his role as Senior Director of Advanced Programs, he led the Propulsion Systems IR&D effort, built and commissioned a full scale AP plant, led hypersonic glide body development and production, synthesis of energetic materials including CL-20, production of military flares and decoys, and a broad spectrum of propellant, explosives and pyrotechnics related R&D programs.