Security Information

Briefings on March 10 and March 11, 2021 (closed sessions)

The assigned USINDOPACOM Security Manager for the POST 2021 Conference is Madeline Ballesteros, email  Once registered for POST 2021, please contact Madeline for further instructions.

Security Requirements

POST 2021 closed sessions will be conducted via Secure Video Teleconferencing (SVTC)

Local site security managers will be responsible for verifying clearances and granting access to the facilities with SVTC. (e.g. an industry contractor sends a JPAS visit request to their government organization. The government facility verifies the visit request and issues a badge to access the SVTC conference room. The attendee has been vetted by a local site security manager).

Attendees must register (individually) for the conference. Local site leads (at a site with multiple attendees) will provide the attendance roster to Ms. Ballesteros, to confirm approved registration.

Speakers (located on Oahu, Hawaii) may present from their home organization, or at the USINDOPACOM HQ. Details with the procedure to submit a JPAS visit request for USINDOPACOM HQ will be emailed separately.

Information Technology (IT) Requirements

SVTC connection information will be provided to attendees on the closed session registration list and unauthorized forwarding or distribution is strictly prohibited.

The primary connection method will be the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Global Video Services (GVS) on the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet). For more information about GVS, please see on SIPRNet:

GVS is compatible with:

  • Most Department of Defense (DoD) SVTC conference room and SVTC desktop installations.
  • SIPRNet desktops via the freely available Vidyo application (with headset and webcam).
  • Enterprise Classified Voice over Internet Protocol (ECVoIP) phones (audio only)
  • Defense Mobility Classified Capability – Secret (DMCC-S) phones and tablets (audio only)

For users or sites without GVS capabilities, direct Internet Protocol (IP) or Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) connection/dial-in to the conference SVTC Bridge is available, with advance coordination.