32nd Annual NDIA SO/LIC Symposium

Special Operations-Low Intensity Conflict
  • 11/3/2021 - 11/4/2021
  • JW Marriott Washington, DC
    1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington,  DC  20004
  • Theme : SOF and Strategic Competition – Access, Placement, Influence
    Event Type : Symposium
    Event Code : 2880


On-Demand Registration is now open. The two available presentations are Exploring SOF's PEO Pathway - Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF) and SOF Capabilities in Competitive Environment. 

The complexity of the competitive environment has evolved. Kinetic operations will likely become episodic, with the primary focus on gaining influence, asserting leverage, and maintaining a competitive advantage to increase stability while achieving U.S. strategic security objectives. The United States and our allies will face significant challenges from state and non-state actors as we vie for influence. The digitization of adversarial influence is an emerging problem where increases in velocity and volume provide adversarial opportunities in the information environment.

As Special Operations Forces (SOF) are now tasked with achieving excellence in a wider—and perhaps more demanding—mission set, SOF’s value remains in their Access, Placement, and Influence. SOF is uniquely positioned to support and drive the “win” in any future conflict. SOF will be asked to reorient toward re-emerging threats, compete in a new era of cognitive conflict, modernize a digital age force, and grow a healthy and resilient force to meet the challenges posed by violent extremism and revisionist, revanchist, rogue, and malign actors.

The 32nd Annual NDIA SO/LIC Symposium will explore a wide variety of topics:

  • Accelerating AI Capabilities in Strategic Competition
  • SOF Way Forward - Culture, Talent and Organizational Agility
  • Exploring SOF’s PEO Pathway – Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF)
  • A New Era of Cognitive Conflict – the Central and Strategic Role of IW and IO
  • SOF Requirements in a Competitive Environment
  • Securing our Supply Chain in an era of Renewed Strategic Competition
  • A Look Back on the Last 20 Years as SOF Sets a Vision Forward
  • And more!


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