Attendee Information

NDIA will cover expenses for one leader from each NDIA Chapter and Division and each WID Chapter to attend the 2021 Leadership Conference.  NDIA encourages officers and board members to represent Divisions and Chapters, but the only requirement is the attendee be an active member who can represent the Chapter or Division during the conference and can effectively discuss conference topics with Chapter and Division members after the conference ends.  

NDIA Will Cover


  • Economy/Coach Airfare (Please purchase airfare as early as possible to obtain the best fare
  • Train Tickets
  • Rental Car: Obtain receipts for rental cars, rental car gas charges and tolls
  • Personal Vehicle: Provide a MapQuest or Google Maps printout with the mileage; including the point of origin and destination. You will be compensated at the IRS’ approved mileage rate.


  • Monday, November 15: NDIA Awards Dinner (Due to space limitations, seating is limited for the Board Meeting, NDIA Awards Reception and Dinner.  Seats will be on a first come, first served basis.)
  • Tuesday, November 16: Breakfast, lunch, and snacks


  • NDIA will cover up to 2 nights of hotel accommodations should it be required for your travel schedule. Attendees must email Meredith Mangas at with their arrival and departure dates by Friday, October 15, 2021. 
  • NDIA will NOT reimburse attendees who make their own hotel reservations/arrangements.
  • Parking at the Ritz Carlton (for those driving)


  • To be reimbursed for any additional expenses (not to exceed $50.00 per day for a maximum of two days) receipts are required.
  • All leaders submitting expenses for reimbursement or per diem must complete a W9 form 

Point of Contacts:

NDIA Divisions

George Webster or Kirkland Dickson

Email: or


NDIA Chapters

Danielle Butler,



Ann Webster,