This event is classified GENSER Secret. All attendees must submit a visit request through JPAS by February 19. 

All attendees must enter a visit request via JPAS: SMO Code 660015;

Attendees who do not possess a military ID, retired military ID or a Common Access Card (CAC) must also follow the access vetting process which includes:  a) faxing the SECNAV 5512 form by 19 February per the attached instructions, and b) going to two separate pass offices at two locations on the meeting day.

Security POC:

NIWC Pacific Security POC: TAMMY LIM
office: (619) 553-2721
cell: 619-300-6083
SAN DIEGO, CA 92152-5435
FAX:  (619) 553-6169


IPW Captains of Industry Roundtable