Wind Tunnel Tour

The Boeing/AFOSR Mach-6 Quiet Tunnel (BAM6QT) at Purdue University is the premiere wind tunnel facility in the world for studying hypersonic boundary-layer transition. Unlike conventional hypersonic facilities, the BAM6QT maintains laminar boundary layers on the nozzle wall to provide a freestream pressure fluctuation environment similar to that of flight. Tests performed in the facility can be used to improve transition prediction models and support research and development for hypersonic vehicles. The tunnel is capable of collecting 3 to 4 seconds of data every hour. The design of the facility offers a cost effective method for rapidly gathering boundary-layer transition data at Mach 6. A new Mach 8 quiet tunnel facility will soon be under development to complement the BAM6QT facility. Testing can be performed at various levels of security based on customer needs.

Tours will be offered on Monday, July 29 and Thursday, August 1. Please contact Meredith Mangas at for additional information or to sign up for a wind tunnel tour. Those who wish to attend must be a U.S. citizen. No photographs or video and audio recording will be allowed.

The media is welcome to come to the AERO building to see the portions of the tunnel. Media can come on the bus, enter the building, and see the outer workings of the tunnels. They will not be allowed into the area where the actual Mach 6 area is.

To pick up the shuttle for the wind tunnel tour, you will meet at the Stewart Center, West Entrance on Oval Drive. The address is 128 Memorial Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907.  Parking information for Purdue University can be found here.