Call for Papers

Abstracts for US Only or DOD Distribution Criteria D Topics: (SPECIAL Attention NOTICE):

In response to the evolving Threat Spectrum Armament System and Technology advancements have established advanced capabilities for which information distribution is limited. The Armament Division has established a Forum agenda section dedicated to these topics and enabling qualified attendees access to these topics which are shaping the future of Armament Systems.

The Armament Divisions encourages the inclusion of presentations and participation of speakers with topics limited to US Only or restricted Distribution such as DOD Distribution D. NDIA and the Division has established a procedure for approval of conference attendees to attend these briefings etc. The procedure will require valid US Passport, and confirmation of DOD Contractor approval to access unclassified, export controlled technical data/critical technology (DD Form 2345). These presentations and speakers will be planned for the Forum Thursday morning session. Papers/topics may address any of the three Armament Committees.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Forum Registrants who wish and plan to attend to US Only or DOD Distribution D Session MUST indicate the desire to attend when registering so that NDIA and the registrant will be confirmed as Cleared to attend.

Principal Author/Presenter        
The full name and contact information for the principal author.  This person is the main contact for the abstract/presentation and will receive all notifications, confirmations, and further instructions from NDIA. They will also be listed as the presenter in the forum program if the abstract is selected for presentation.

Additional Authors                      
Any additional authors for the abstract submission should be listed in this area and their names will appear on the “Additional Authors” page in the forum program.

Author Biographies                    
The presenter’s biography must be submitted here for use by the session chair during the forum. Short introductory comments are preferred.

Abstract Category                      
Please select the category to which your abstract belongs i.e. Small Arms, GARM or Unconventional Emerging Technology Armament Systems. When submitting your abstract, please indicate the presentation preference of an oral presentation to attendees in one of the three programs, poster session or tutorial session.

Content, Length, Presentation
Since numerous abstracts will be submitted, it is important that the abstract clearly outline the summary of the project objectives, results, benefits to defense capability and the warfighter. Preference will be given to those abstracts that provide a concise and thorough summary of the project objectives and results. Your title should be concise as it will be listed in the forum program. Your title cannot exceed 200 characters. Your abstract cannot exceed 5000 characters. Submissions must be appropriate for an open 20-minute oral presentation which includes 5 minutes for questions and answers. 


***All presenters are required to pay the conference registration fee.