Meeting 8:00 am - 12:30 pm

07:30 Registration & Continental Breakfast

08:00  Welcome Remarks & Introductions: Mike Rabens, Chair of ICOTE
NDIA welcome: Dave Chesebrough, VP, Divisions at NDIA
Facility welcome: Ron Pearlman of Holland and Knight (meeting host)

Opening Comments:
Mr. Steve Lopes, Assistant Deputy Director for Test, Evaluation & Prototyping, OUSD(R&E)
Ms. Denise de La Cruz, Deputy Director (Acting), TRMC

Overview of 2019 NDIA T&E Conference: Mr. Joe Manas, NDIA T&E Division Chair

ICOTE Product Discussion – Discuss List of Product Proposals and Decide on Finalists: Mr. Mike Rabens, NDIA ICOTE Chairman

09:30  Opening Comments:
Honorable Robert Behler, Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (Co-Chair of ICOTE)

Discussion on the 806, 804, and 809 Study and the implications for Test and Evaluation: Mr. Dave Jimenez, Assistant to the Deputy Under Secretary of The Army / Director of Army Test and Evaluation.  Presented by Dr. Loncarich, Mr. Jimenez’s Special Assistant for Policy and Education

Autonomous Vehicle Test and Evaluation:
Mr. Chris Eaton, John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
* ICOTE Meeting Plan for remainder of 2019: Mr. Mike Rabens, NDIA ICOTE Chairman