MG Tim Gowen, ARNG

Deputy Commanding General, Army Futures Command Assistant Program Executive Officer for Engineering
2019 Aircraft Survivability Symposium

MG Timothy Gowen is a strategic-level leader with an impressive record of success in achieving organizational objectives for process improvement, warfighter readiness, and technological advancements. Gowen currently serves as the advisor to and representative for the Commanding General, United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence, for Army National Guard aviation matters. In this role, Gowen is responsible to provide Army National Guard considerations in the areas of aircraft readiness, leader development, doctrine, and mission command. He monitors and provides feedback on actions of the command that impact the training, equipping, deployability, force structure and readiness of Army National Guard Aviation units and personnel.

Simultaneously Gowen, serves as the Assistant Program Executive Officer for Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation in support of United States Navy’s Program Executive Office for Air Anti-Submarine Warfare, Assault, and Special Projects. Gowen provides expertise and consultation to PEO(A) and the United States Naval Air Systems Command Research and Engineering Group on program technical matters. The PEO(A) portfolio includes ten ACAT-1 programs to include all USN and USMC helicopters and tiltrotors, maritime patrol & reconnaissance, anti-submarine warfare systems, advanced sensors, tactical airlift, and airborne strategic command, control, and communications.

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