Welcome Remarks & Introductions
Mike Rabens
Chair of ICOTE

Dr. Steve Hutchison
Director of T&E, Homeland Security (meeting host)

NDIA welcome
Dave Chesebrough
VP, Divisions at NDIA

Opening Comments
Honorable Robert Behler
Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (Co-Chair)

Steve Lopes
Acting DASD(DT&E)

Chip Ferguson
Acting Director, TRMC

National Defense Strategy Discussion
Speaker: Alan Halachmi
Amazon Web Services

  • Government vs industry state of technology advances.
  • Where is industry leading, where is the Government leading, and how do we rise to the highest level/state of play for the defense of the United States?
  • In the areas with the most advanced capabilities, where are we with T&E methodology and infrastructure to test those capabilities?
  • How can industry help close the gaps?

Mitre Paper – “Deliver Uncompromised” – report on Supply Chain resiliency - Discussion

ICOTE Product Discussion
Robert S. Metzger
Rogers Joseph O’Donnell

Continue discussion about a product from the ICOTE

  • Handbook on IV&V
  • AGILE process from a test perspective
  • ICOTE sponsoring a “Why We Test” day for staffers


***At the conclusion of the meeting, Homeland Security will offer a tour of select T&E facilities