Thierry Chiapello

DoD Explosives Safety Board
Executive Director
International Explosives Safety Symposium & Exposition : Keynote Speaker

Mr. Thierry Chiapello has served 29 years in the Department of Defense including 24 years Federal Civil Service and 5 years active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps. He has held positions in logistics, military munitions management, environmental management, and explosives safety.

Executive Director and Chairman DoD Explosives Safety Board (DDESB) 2005-Present
Mr. Chiapello was hired in October 2005 to transform the DDESB. He led the development of a comprehensive strategy to integrate explosives safety and munitions risk management throughout the DoD. Mr. Chiapello’s responsibilities include: leading the DDESB professional staff, maintaining and overseeing the  DoD  Explosives Safety Program, integrating explosives safety tenets and requirements throughout the DoD enterprise with a special focus on acquisition, real property, and the environment, providing Combatant Commanders and  the  Military  Services with tools to identify and reduce munitions risks in operations, support key leaders’ informed risk decisions when munitions risks remain, and representing the U.S. domestically and internationally on explosives safety topics.

During his tenure at the DDESB, Mr. Chiapello led the development of the risk management policy for the US and NATO that provides Commanders critical information to assess and reduce munitions-related risks to the mission and the process for Commanders to make informed risk decisions. Mr. Chiapello is leading the effort to identify and reduce munitions risks within the Republic of Korea and NATO as well as working with numerous nations to quantify and eliminate munitions risks whenever possible.

Mr. Chiapello is the U.S. Head of Delegation to the NATO Conference of National Armaments Directors, Ammunition Safety Group and Chairs the Explosives Safety and Munitions Risk Management Panel within the NATO Logistics Committee.

Head, Logistics Division Marine Corps Systems Command (PM for Ammunition) 1998-2005. Mr. Chiapello’s responsibilities included serving as USMC’s voting Board Member to the DDESB, managing the Marine Corps’ explosives safety program and planning military munitions sustainment for Marines during training, operations, and contingencies. From 2004-2005 he attended the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.

Head, Environmental Compliance and Training, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC. 1994-1998. Mr. Chiapello managed the installation’s compliance with Federal and State environmental regulations. Mr. Chiapello developed and award winning 40-hr training course for Marines and routinely trained personnel from Marine Corps installations around the world. During his time at MCB Camp Lejeune he trained over 1,000 Marines and civil servants on processes and requirements that resulted in balancing the mission with the environment.

Logistics and Environmental Compliance Officer, USMC 1989-1994. Capt. (S). Chiapello provided logistics support to the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit. His responsibilities included preparing Marine Corps expeditionary units’ for deployments while complying with environmental regulations. During his military career, he deployed twice with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit in support of Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

•  Masters of Science - Industrial College of the Armed Forces - Distinguished. (National Resource Strategy) 2005
•  Masters of Science - Columbia Southern University. (Environmental Management) 1999
•  Bachelor of Arts - The George Washington University (International Economics and Relations). 1989
•  Federal Executive Institute (Leadership for a Democratic Society). 2008