The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative will host a Total Learning Architecture (TLA) Hackathon as part of the 2018 iFEST symposium, at the ADL Initiative Facility (walking distance from the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center) 26 - 27 August. For those interested in participating, registration is required.  

The goal of this 24-hour event is to create an opportunity for a broad community of experts to explore the TLA. Hackathon participants will conduct hands-on exercises to investigate the potential of learning analytics, identify new ways to visualize collected data, and expose gaps in the practical use of xAPI across different types of media.

Participants will have the opportunity to network with experienced developers, educators, and data scientists, to learn best practices for implementing, structuring, storing, and processing xAPI data and other data generated by TLA components at scale. Participants will also gain valuable insight into different components of the TLA, its data structures, its roadmap, and the relevant technologies that are available for implementation today, and they will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the ADL Initiative on the TLA’s ongoing development.   

The ADL Initiative will provide a large set of TLA data that participants can aggregate, analyze, and visualize. All participants will be required to use their own personal computers with whichever software tools they feel are best suited to work with this data.

The Hackathon will start at 1300 on Sunday, 26 August and conclude the next afternoon at 1300. 

Awards will be presented to the best performers in four categories: 

  • Best Use of the DataSet 
  • Most Compelling Correlations 
  • Best Visuals 
  • Most Dynamic User Interface (UI) 
There is no registration fee; however, registration is required for this event. Please click here to register. 

Dinner (6/26) and Breakfast (6/27) and water throughout will be provided. 
**Please plan to bring snacks and energy drinks as needed**