Ambrose Industry Award

The Ambrose Industry Award is named in honor of former Under Secretary of the Army, Mr. James R. Ambrose for his recognition of the value and contribution of industry in meeting the needs of our National Defense.  This was made unmistakably clear during his tenure from 1981-1988 as Under Secretary of the Army during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. He was a major force in the post Vietnam modernization of all small arms weaponry where new and improved versions of the M16, M249, and M9 were purchased in large quantities as a result of industry competitions.

The Ambrose Award is established and presented periodically to recognize a Defense Industry which, in the opinion of the Small Arms Committee Executive Board, has made outstanding contributions to the field of small arms systems.  An outstanding contribution is characterized by exemplary commitment and contribution to the Armed Forces by delivering superior materiel that meets required operational capabilities and supports a high level of force readiness in the conduct of warfighting activities or homeland defense. Such contributions may be shown through a record of continual demonstration of emerging technologies, development of products and systems, establishment of enhanced production capabilities and integration of innovative weapons systems and supporting products and services required by the DoD and Allied countries.