Call for Presentation Abstracts

In order for our country to remain the world’s finest fighting force, we need to rapidly generate and sustain a strategic advantage over our adversaries. The Department of Defense is taking steps towards this through reorganization and process reform to speed up the development and deployment of technologically superior weapon systems. What is Test & Evaluation’s role in all of this? How can we help?

During this conference, senior Acquisition, Science & Technology and T&E leaders will present their views on the challenges ahead along with ideas on how Industry and Government can partner together to achieve success.

To submit an abstract please go to the on-line abstract portal here.

Topics should be pertinent to the conference topics and non-marketing in scope.

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1. Title of paper/presentation
2. Author(s) name
3. Organization
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*All Speakers are subject to the conference registration fee. Abstracts must be UNCLASSIFIED and are due by Friday, March 23, 2018.

Topic Areas
Best Practices in T&E
MBSE/M&S for Test
Digital Engineering for Test
T&E of Autonomous / Learning Systems
Cyber T&E
Hypersonics T&E
Adaptive V&V
Integrated Testing
Distributed Testing – Live Virtual Constructive
Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC)
Future T&E Workforce – Professional Development
Commercial practices -can they speed the process?
T&E for Hypersonic Systems
T&E for System-of-Systems
Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) use in T&E