Human Information, Interpretation and Influence

Human Information, Interpretation and Influence (HI3) subcommittee, previously known as the Human Aspects of the Operational Military Environment (HAOME) subcommittee, applies knowledge, skills and supporting technologies to improve understanding of how social groups signal their attitudes and behavioral intent through messaging in computer-mediated environments. HI3 merges the social sciences with the computational and computer sciences to deliver the methodologies and tools to support Phase 0 (planning/shaping) to Phase 4 (stabilization) military actions through tailored and ethical messaging for information operations. HI3 addresses challenges that are both human and environmentally drive to include: hostile non-state actors pursuing weapons of mass destruction; nation-state instability drive by drug and other types of criminal economies; cyber threats that can have rapid destabilizing effects at the regional, national or even global levels; and humanitarian and disaster relief.

This track invites submissions that address current challenges and ongoing or future research efforts in areas such as analytics to identify adversary influence campaigns, understanding human dynamics through computer mediated messaging, modular and tailored workflows for social responsiveness to potentially destabilizing cyber threats, and results from experiments/demonstrations that inform the HI3 challenges. 
If you would like to submit an abstract for the Human Information, Interpretation and Influence track, please submit it here