AGENDA (draft)

  • Welcome Remarks & Introductions -- Mike Rabens, Chair of ICOTE
  • Opening Comments
    • Derrick Hinton, Director (acting), TRMC (invited)
    • Brian Hall, Director (acting) DASD(DT&E) (confirmed)
    • Dave Duma, Director (acting), DOT&E (confirmed)
  • NDIA welcome – Frank Michael/Dave Chesebrough
  • NDIA division status and collaboration opportunities – Joe Manas, Chair T&E Division
  • Speed to test – a commercial alternative approach to test.  Doug Shane, Chairman, The Spaceship Company (part of Virgin Galactic)
  • Rapid Capabilities Testing – a service perspective (working on a Navy or USAF speaker)
  • Speed to test – Industry Presenter #2 – TBD
  • DHS test issues – Dr Steve Hutchinson (invited)
  • Discussion:  Strategic Direction for ICOTE.  Continue the discussion and make decisions on the ICOTE direction, what are our products, and how shall we proceed to produce them.
  • Discussion:  Potential themes for 2018 T&E Symposium – Joe Manas
  • Conclusion: Review action items, and select of date of next meeting