Transportation Information

Shuttle Bus:

Gallaudet University provides continuous shuttle service that includes Union Station and Metro.  The Union Station pick up site is on the second floor of the Union Station garage where all of the buses pick up and drop off. The Gallaudet Sign is the first shuttle bay when you exit Union Station.

Continuous Shuttle Service Schedule

Metro Rail:

Take Metro Rail to the New York Ave/Gallaudet University station on the red line. This is the closest station to Gallaudet University.  The shuttle bus will pick up at the M Street entrance.

Walking Directions from the New York Ave/Gallaudet University Metro Station

Florida Avenue Exit:
1. Exit the Metro Station on to 2nd Street.
2. Turn right on 2nd Street going towards Florida Avenue.
3. Turn right on Florida Avenue.
4. Continue straight on Florida Avenue for 4 blocks.
5. A Gallaudet University sign will be on your left hand side.
6. Safely walk across Florida Avenue at the 6th street intersection cross walk.
7. Turn right and continue a few feet on Florida Avenue until you reach the walk-in  entrance on your left hand side.
8. The Kellogg Conference Hotel is straight ahead on your left hand side.

M Street Exit:
1. Exit the Metro Station on to M Street.
2. Turn left on M street.
3. Walk straight on M Street until you reach Florida Avenue.
4. Gallaudet University will be directly in front of you.
5. Safely walk across Florida Avenue at crosswalk at 6th Street intersection.
6. Turn right and continue on Florida Avenue (at 7th Street) for a few feet until you reach the walk-in entrance on your left hand side.
7. The Kellogg Conference Hotel is straight ahead on your left hand side.

Area Taxi Companies:

Capitol Cab 202-546-2400
Yellow Cab 202-544-1212
Diamond Cab 202-387-6200

Please tell them to take you to Gallaudet University, 800 Florida Avenue, Northeast.

It costs approximately $8 - $15 to get to Gallaudet from points downtown.


  • From Reagan National Airport (South of Gallaudet)

Washington National Airport, near Alexandria, VA, is the airport closest to the University. You can take a taxi, rent a car, or take Metro (the city's subway system) to get to the University. If you choose to take a taxi, there is a taxi stand in the front of the airport. If you want to take Metro, either walk to the National Airport metro station --it's only a short distance-- or hop on a shuttle bus that can bring you and your luggage to the metro station.

Taxi fare: approximately $25

  • From BWI (Baltimore-Washington International Airport) (North of Gallaudet)

Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI) is located approximately 60 minutes from downtown Washington and serves both the nation's capital and Baltimore. For airport information, call 301-859-7100.

Taxi fare: approximately $63 (agree on price with driver before leaving BWI)

BWI is also an AMTRAK rail stop. For train schedules, call 800-872-7245.

  • From Dulles (West of Gallaudet)

Washington Dulles International Airport, where many transcontinental and international flights land, is a modern facility in Virginia about 45 minutes from downtown Washington. For airport information, call 703-471-7838 Monday through Friday, 9 am - 5 pm.

Taxi fare: approximately $60.00-$70.00

The Consumer Hotline number for airport information is 703-471-4242.

Parking and Transportation Information