18th Annual Science & Engineering Technology Conference

Science and Engineering Technology
  • 4/18/2017 - 4/20/2017
  • National Defense University - Abraham Lincoln Hall
    300 5th Avenue, SW
    Washington,  DC  20319
    Tel: (202) 685-4700
  • Theme : Creating Innovative DoD S&T Partnerships
    Event Type : Conference
    Event Code : 7720


Over the past 20 years, the U.S. Armed Forces have seen challenges to our technological superiority.  We now live in a world where there is global access to technology and scientific talent.  Our adversaries have watched the way we fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and the way we are fighting ISIL today.  They have seen our newest equipment, watched our tactics and procedures, and observed our latest concepts of operation; and they are using this knowledge to to develop counters to our asymmetric advantages.  

Sustaining U.S. technological superiority depends on our ability to out-innovate our adversaries, but it is also important to remember innovation is more than the development of leading-edge technology.  It is about finding the right combination of technologies and operational and organizational constructs to achieve a decisive military advantage.  The right combination of technologies may very well be a combination of technologies developed by the DoD Science and Technology program, commercial technologies, technologies developed through the  Defense Industrial Base through their Independent Research and Development Programs (IR&D), and through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs.  

This year’s conference is structured to allow for maximum Government and industry interaction opportunities. To facilitate compliance with the recent DoD IR&D policies, there is a specific track for individual company one-on-one IR&D presentation sessions with the appropriate DoD officials. In addition, there will be classified Combatant Command Science and Technology presentations and presentations by representatives from the DoD Science and Technology Communities of Interest (COIs), who will provide updates on the COI technology road maps as well as representatives being available for private one-on-one sessions.

This is an inclusive conference, open to both Defense and Commercial companies and businesses of all sizes. Representatives for academic institutions are also invited to attend.