Military Medicine Partnership Pre-Conference Seminar

Health Affairs
  • 3/6/2017
  • Turf Valley Hotel and Convention Center
    2700 Turf Valley Road
    Ellicott City,  Maryland  21042
    Tel: (410) 465-1500
  • Theme : Learn our Language: The ABCs of Working with USAMRMC
    Event Type : Seminar, Workshop
    Event Code : 7311


We invite you to join us for an exclusive half-day seminar on 6 March, the day before the Military Medicine Partnership Days Conference.  This optional special session is geared toward enhancing your understanding of how USAMRMC does business from concept through commercialization and how to find medical research and development funding opportunities like RFP, BAA, PA, SBIR (and if you don't recognize these acronyms, all the more reason to attend!). 

DoD speakers will provide information on key topics such as the following: DoD's approach to identifying research needs; how to receive notifications on such announcements; the proposal submission process; understanding how proposals are evaluated and ranked; feedback mechanisms on your submission; and the funding process when you are selected.  We will also cover how to submit your great ideas when there isn't an open announcement, how to move through the FDA processes, and intellectual property considerations. Additionally, there will be time set aside for you to engage with the presenters to ask your burning questions.

This is an excellent opportunity for newcomers, who are seeking to apply for medical research funding, to get a detailed understanding of the processes and funding mechanisms available; and even for those more well-versed in the system to get questions answered by the foremost DoD experts.

We hope you will join us for this very informative session, so that the conference presentations will be even more meaningful to you!

Specific Session details:

- OSBP-Office of Small Business Program (know your customer's mission, resources available to small businesses, HBCUs and MIs, how the set-aside process works, requirements for
subcontracting, etc)

- NPI and Vendor Day (what the NPI system is and what it can do for you, how to apply, timelines; Vendor Day opportunities and benefits of participation)

- RAA-Research Acquisition Activity (BAAs, PAs and RFPs (when they’re used, where to find them, award types, etc), contracting basics (processes and timelines), award timelines, how incremental funding works, what can/can't be included in proposed costs, debriefings, etc)

- Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/ Small Technology Transfer Research (STTR) (what it’s all about and what it can do for you, how the programs work, how topics are developed, when/where they're announced, dollar limitations, review/selection process)

- CDMRP-Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program  (where to start, where to find funding opportunities, the submission process, letters of intent vs pre-proposals vs full proposals, how the proposal evaluation process works, etc)

- FDA and Commercialization (how to get from having an idea to having a product, how to move through FDA, intellectual property considerations, what help is out there for you)

 After you learn everything there is to know, join us at the Military Medicine Partnership Conference and Expo!


Military Medicine Partnership Pre-Conference Seminar