Welcome Remarks & Introductions - Mike Rabens, Chair of ICOTE

Opening Comments

Mr. Derrick Hinton, Director, TRMC (Confirmed)

Dr. Brian Hall, Acting DASD (DT&E) (Confirmed)

Mr. Dave Duma, Director (acting), DOT&E (Confirmed)

NDIA welcome – Dave Chesebrough VP, Program Development at NDIA

Changes in the NDIA organization and leadership

Presentation on Consortia – Examples of working consortia – Chris Vanmetre

Discussion to follow regarding Consortium for Cyber T&E and/or Consortia for M&S applications in T&E

Discussion:  TECC roles and responsibilities – Joe Manas/all

CONOPS for working with TECC with example topics

Discussion:  Themes for 2018 T&E Symposium – Joe Manas/all

Want Service T&E leads and OTA leads inputs

Differentiation from recent ITEA conference topics

Conclusion: Review action items, and select of date of next meeting