Special Operations Outlook 2022 e-Book

Inside the pages of this year’s free National Defense Magazine e-Book is an in-depth, accessible look at the most pressing themes at this year’s SOFIC conference. 

What's on the minds of USSOCOM leadership? USSOCOM's Acquisition Executive Jim Smith offers a compelling argument on the need for circumspection. “The way we protected information in the past will not work in the context of integrated deterrence,” he says. Read the rest of his analysis in the e-book. Jan Tegler’s read on the Armed Overwatch Program offers a clear-eyed perspective of the source selection process. And in the midst of heightened conflict scenarios, this Special Operations Outlook 2022 e-Book takes on how AFSOC is set to redefine itself in this era of Great Power competition, why Special Operations Command is paying particular attention to vehicle upgrades and how the U.S. is still worryingly playing catch up when it comes to Information Ops. 


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2022 Special Operations Outlook E-Book

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