ICOTE Meetings

ICOTE Virtual Meeting Friday, March 26, 2021

DRAFT Agenda

Opening Comments and Welcome

•    Mike Rabens and Dave Chesebrough
•    DOT&E Dr. O’Toole
•    R&E Mr. Chris Collings
•    TRMC George Rumford

Follow up on “60% of deficiencies discovered in OT”  -
•    Presentation of data.  What does the data mean?  Are these escapes on performance specs or issues that aren’t adequately covered by performance specs<br>
•    How can Mission Based T&E or Capabilities Based T&E get in the contract to address this and early discovery
•    More discussion on “integrated testing” – CT/DT/OT as a way to address this issue
•    Model Based T&E – common standards, architecture, and tools – how can MBT&E address this issue
•    Other?

Presentation on “Multi-Domaine” testing from either George Rumford or TBD

Discussion about actions and next meeting in June




Winter Meeting

The winter ICOTE meeting will be held on December 4 at the office of NDIA.  Topics for discussion at this meeting are New Software Acquisition Policy – Implications for Test, Industry Input to Mil-STD-881D Update, and Industry Input to OSD T&E Guidebook.  

The meeting agenda will include:

Opening Remarks - HON Robert Behler, DOT&E

Comments from:

Mr. Jim Faist, Director, Defense Research and Engineering for Advanced Capabilities
Mr. Tim Dare, Deputy Director for Test, Evaluation & Prototyping, OUSD(R&E)
Ms. Denise de La Cruz, TRMC   

Presentations from:

NAVAIR Capabilities Based T&E Status and summit observations (deferred from August)
MBE – Tamara Hambrick, Northrop Grumman
T&E Education – Tom Simms, OSD T&E

Attendance at ICOTE meetings is by invitation.  Invitations are reserved for Government leaders in the DT and OT communities as well as those in Industry who have a significant role in test and evaluation.  No press is allowed to attend, comments are off the record and no minutes are recorded in order to allow candid exchanges of ideas and opinions.

Summer Meeting

Boeing FieldThe summer meeting of the ICOTE will be held on August 21 at the Boeing Plant 2, Seattle WA.  The topics for discussion and action at this meeting are Human Systems Integration, T&E Tools Collaboration and developing Software Acquisition Policy addressing Mil-STD-881D Update, "shift left", DevSecOps, TEV&V, and DT/OT integration.

The meeting agenda will include:

  • Summary of last ICOTE Meeting
  • Opening Comments
  • Comments from OUSD (A&S) on new Software Acquisition Policy testing implications
  • Presentation on Human Systems Integration Tools
  • Microsoft Evolution of Software Testing
  • Boeing T&E Overview
  • Discussion: Industry Input to Mil-STD-881D Update

 For those wishing to stay for a second day Boeing will arrange optional tours and can set up meetings with specific programs in the Seattle area for Government attendees.