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Small Business Innovation Summit

Theme: Accelerating Development and Delivery of Innovation
Location: B2 Building in Lincoln, MA 
Date: December5 - 7, 2023

This year’s theme for the NDIA Small Business Innovation Summit is: Accelerating Development and Delivery of Innovation.
Join us to learn how you, as a small business innovator, can drive advanced capabilities to our warfighters, positively impacting supply at the tactical edge. We will be actively exploring pathways to success for technology in the areas of human performance, robotics, communications, cybersecurity, and trusted supply chain.
Are you a small business looking to take your defense technology to the next level? Are you new to government contracting? Are you looking for tips on how to engage in the SBIR/STTR program or navigate the rich federal innovation ecosystem? Are you a large business looking to add valuable contributors to your supply chain? This conference is for you.

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