Software and Data Analytics Committee

Mission: Support the DoD logistics community, as it transitions from a technically dated infrastructure, of custom-built applications and the logistics enterprise (notably ERPs), with point-to-point interfaces, to an API and data-centric organization that uses data at speed and scale for operational advantage and increased efficiency.

Areas of Focus: 

• Strategy & Policy
• Governance & Acquisition
• Architecture & Standards
• Security, Infrastructure & Integration
• Data Analytics (AI/ML/BI)
• Applications & UX (user experience)
• Talent & Equity/Diversity


Potential Products: 


• Prepare position papers reflecting industry views on key topics for govt leaders
• Provide input to or review and comment on new policy – recommend policy refresh
• Identify speakers (govt/industry/academia) to present at a monthly meeting
• Support major Industry/Government forums – speakers, panelists, etc.
• Other Products?


Chair: Dr. Kevin Gaudette (


Vice-Chair: Mark Failor (