The Armaments Division provides the forum for industry, military and government personnel to address the issues necessary to ensure a superior armament system capability today and in the future. The division addresses armament operational needs and requirements, approaches and concepts, system integration, weapons, munitions, fire control and other ancillary equipment, and logistic support. Attention is given to total systems and to technology application and state-of-the-art technology advancements.


The objectives of the Armaments Division are to:

  • Provide focus on integrated armament systems including those used by individual soldiers; utilized on crew-served systems; and integrated into land, sea and air platforms.
  • Provide assessment of current armaments and a vision of emerging military equipment and operational capability applying advanced technology in total armament systems.


Topics: Armaments, Ammunition, Counter Material, Crew Served Weapons, Electromagnetics, Guided Projectiles, Gun and Missile, Guns, High Power Microwave, Hypersonic, Individual Weapons, Lasers, Nonlethal Counter Personnel, Propulsion Systems, Rockets Missiles, Sensor Defeat, Small Arms, Spectrum Denial, Warhead Designs

NDIA Contact

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Mr. Dave Chesebrough
Vice President, Divisions
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Ms. Meredith Mangas
Associate Director in Meetings, Events and Business Partnerships
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George Webster
Program Manager
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Division Contact

Mr. Brian Berger
GTDS America LLC
Phone: 860-463-3963
E-mail: brian.berger@gtds-america.com
Mr. Bruce Webb
Vice Chair
NAMMO Talley Inc.
Phone: (571) 641-9874
E-mail: bwebb@nammoservices.us

Policy Contact

For policy-related or congressional inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Wesley Hallman
Senior Vice President for Policy
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