Defense Department calls for intentional engagement with industry to drive higher performance


ARLINGTON, VA -- As the Defense Department calls for an expansion in its relationships and overall communication with industry to drive higher performance in support of the National Defense Strategy, NDIA stands ready to foster these critical relationships and support national security.

The Pentagon directive came in the form of a March 2 memo from the deputy secretary of defense, who recently directed the entire Defense Department to work more with industry to enrich the National Defense Strategy.

The memo tells leaders throughout the agency to cultivate a competitive mindset to “optimize our relationships with industry to drive higher performance while always remaining within the letter and spirit of ethics and procurement regulations.”

NDIA leads the effort to convene leaders from military, government, industry and academia through its broad portfolio of events, exhibitions, targeted divisions and local chapters that cover every aspect of national security.  It is through these highly-focused, legal and ethical forums of knowledge sharing, that NDIA can provide an efficient platform for the defense department to communicate its goals and challenges and for industry to showcase capabilities and solutions.

“Industry is often the best source of information concerning market conditions and technological capabilities,” the memo said, noting the Defense Department relies upon thousands of contractors that span a wide array of industry segments and support myriad mission requirements. Such information is “crucial to determining” if industry can support the Defense Department's mission and goals.

“Conducting effective, responsible and efficient procurement of supplies and services” while properly managing contracts means Defense Department personnel must “engage in early, frequent and clear communications with suppliers,” the memo said.

 “As the NDS makes clear, dialogue helps industry make informed investment and business decisions necessary to meet near- and long-term requirements of the department,” the memo said. “Proactive engagement will maximize support.”

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