Army Science & Technology Symposium & Showcase

  • 8/21/2018 - 8/23/2018
  • Walter E. Washington Convention Center
    801 Mt. Vernon Place NW
    Washington,  DC  20001
    Tel: 202-249-3000
  • Event Type : Symposium
    Event Code : 8101



Be the difference in a soldier’s success.

What does the future hold for soldiers? Explore it with us August 21-23, 2018, at the Army Science & Technology Symposium and Showcase at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

Thought leaders, researchers, and developers alike will meet here to discuss the latest emerging technologies for the Army, options that enable effective, affordable capabilities to ensure success on the battlefield and beyond.            

The symposium will focus on the Army modernization priorities as listed below. 

1. Long-Range Precision Fires capability that restores US Army dominance in range, munitions, and target acquisition.

2. Next Generation Combat Vehicle - along with other close combat capabilities in manned, unmanned, and optionally-manned variants-with the most modem firepower, protection, mobility, and power generation capabilities, to ensure our combat formations can fight and win against any foe.

3. Future of Vertical Lift platforms - attack, lift, recon - in manned, unmanned, and optionally-manned variants that are survivable on the modem and future battlefield.

4. An Army Network with hardware, software, and infrastructure - sufficiently mobile and expeditionary - that can be used to fight cohesively in any environment where the electromagnetic spectrum is denied or degraded.

5. Air and Missile Defense capabilities that ensure our future combat formations are protected from modern and advanced air and missile delivered fires, including drones.

6. Finally, Soldier lethality that spans air fundamentals - shooting, moving, communicating, protecting and sustaining. We will field not only next generation individual and squad weapons, but also improved body armor, sensors, radios, load bearing exoskeletons. Putting this all together, we must improve human performance and decision making by increasing training and assessment; starting at the Soldier level. This will require a rapid expansion of our synthetic training environment and deeper distribution of simulations capabilities down to battalion and companies, with simulation capability to model combat in megacities; a likely battlefield of the future.

Plan today to be at this important symposium with the Army’s science and technology enterprise, research, development, and engineering labs, as well as industry as they look to give soldiers technology enabled capabilities. 


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