2018 Munitions Executive Summit & Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry

Monday, April 16

1700                Reception

Tuesday, April 17

0700                Registration

0800                Welcome / Introductions

Mr. Timothy Bagniefski, VP, Marketing & Business Development, General Dynamics. Chairman, NDIA Munitions Division

Mr. Frank Michael, SVP – Programs and Membership, NDIA

0810                Opening Remarks

           BG Alfred Abramson III – US Army PEO-Ammunition

           Ms Rhonda Vandecasteele – Acting Commander, US Army Joint Munitions Command

           Mr. John Hedderich – US Army ARDEC Technical Director                      

0845                US Government Keynote Speaker

Ms. Lisha Adams – Executive Deputy to Commanding General, US Army Materiel Command (Invited)                                       

0930                US Threat Briefing - Unclassified

Mr. Mike Santaspirt – US Army, RDECOM 

1015                Break

1030                Warfighter Perspective

                        Flo Groberg – Author, “8 Seconds of Courage”

1115                US DoD Budget Update & Outlook

          Mr. Charles “Chick” Feldmayer

1200                Lunch

1300                Ammunition Enterprise Cross-Service Update

                        BG Abramson – US Army, PEO Ammunition

                        Ms Rhonda Vandecasteele, Acting CG, Joint Munitions Command

                        Mr. John Hedderich – US Army, Technical Director, ARDEC

BG Anthony Genatempo – PEO-Weapons, USAF LCMC

                        TBD – USN PEO-Unmanned Aviation & Strike Weapons (Invited)

            BG Joseph Shrader – Commander, US Marine Corps Systems Command

            RDML Lorin Shelby – Deputy Commander, Naval SeaSystems Command                                       

1515                Break      

1530                Industry Panel

                        Moderator: Mr. Kevin Knotts, Azimuth Consulting

                        Mr. David Dunavin – General Dynamics-OTS

                        Mr. Todd Hayes – BAE, Holston AAP

                        Mr. Kevin McDonald – Chemring North America


1630                ICAP Report

                        Mr. John McGuiness, American Ordnance

                        Mr. Nick Perry – Executive Director, MIBTF

1700                Adjourn

1730                Reception

Wednesday, April 18

0800                Administrative Remarks

                        Mr. Timothy Bagniefski

0815                US Army Cross-Functional Teams

                        Col Will McDonough – US Army CFTs (Long-Range Precision Fires)

0900                Joint Capabilities & Acquisition Priorities

                        Col Moises Gutierrez, Chief CAD Division, OSD-J8

0930                Break

0945                PM Acquisition Panel

                        Moderator: Mr. Chris Grassano, DPEO-Ammunition

                        Col Will McDonough, PM-CAS

                        Col Hector Gonzalez, PM-MAS

                        Col Jonathan Slater, Deputy PM-CCS

                        Col Joseph Chan, PD-Joint Services

                        Col Brad Tannehill, PD-Joint Products

                        Mr. Joe Pelino, ARDEC

11:45               Closing Remarks - Adjourn

                        Mr. Frank Michael, SVP, Program Development, NDIA