Podcast Episode

In this episode of the Emerging Tech Horizons podcast, Dr. Mark Lewis is joined by Wes Hallman, NDIA's Senior Vice President of Strategy & Policy, and Nick Jones, NDIA's Director of Regulatory Policy, who are also the Vital Signs project leads. Tune in to hear them discuss NDIA's signature report, Vital Signs: The Health and Readiness of the Defense Industrial Base, including an overview of the 2021 report and preview of new topics for the 2022 report.

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These are some of the questions they address in their conversation:

  • How did Vital Signs get started?
  • What are the goals of the report?
  • What is readiness and what are its measures?
  • How are the indicator scores of the DIB environment calculated?
  • Why are there no policy recommendations in the report?
  • How does the report differ from other publications out there?
  • What has been most shocking or of the greatest concern in the data?
  • How is the typical DIB business model changing?
  • How does ETI factor into the next report?
  • What makes working in and around the DIB so interesting?
  • What is the role of Junior Fellows in the creation of the report?
  • How does someone get a copy of Vital Signs?