Louis Lauter

Louis Lauter

VP, Beacon Global Strategies

Strategic thinker and manager with wide ranging bipartisan relationships within Congress, the Department of Defense, industry, and the broader national security community. Extensive experience handling multiple, complex portfolios with a deep understanding of the federal policy, legislative and budget processes. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.


Department of Defense — OSD Legislative Affairs                                                     Washington, D.C.

Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense                                                                         02/2021-02/2022

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary

  • Advised the Secretary of Defense on all legislative matters and prepared him for all engagements with Congress such as hearings, briefings, and individual meetings.
  • Responsible for the preparation and confirmation of all Senate confirmed civilian political appointees for the Department.
  • Developed and pursued strategies to achieve the legislative priorities of the Secretary of Defense and negotiated text improvements to the FY22 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).
  • Educated members of Congress on Department priorities and improved outreach with House and Senate rank and file members.
  • Provided internal analysis to senior Department of Defense leadership on congressional actions and priorities.
  • Managed and coordinated congressional engagement across the Department and managed a staff of approximately 50 military service members, civil servants, and appointees.

Center for Strategic and international Studies (CSIS)



Washington, D.C.

Vice President for Concessional and Government Affairs





  • Managed and directed a team of three people responsible for CSIS's interactions with Congress and the executive branch, providing opportunities for CSIS experts to educate members and staff in a bipartisan setting.
  • As a corporate officer and member of the administrative team, engaged in strategic planning for the organization and provided guidance to programs across CSIS, a bipartisan think tank employing approximately 350 people.
  • Transitioned CSIS congressional relations operations to a virtual setting during the
  • COVID-19 pandemic, successfully managing over 130 briefings for members of Congress and staff and hosting approximately 45 virtual public events with members of Congress in 2020.
  • Analyzed and wrote about congressional activity and trends across a range of national security issues to better inform CSIS and the public on the role of Congress in national security policymaking.
  • Leveraged CSIS's bipartisan reputation to regularly convene high level meetings between experts, Administration and Hill policymakers for timely and targeted discussions on important issues. Generated revenue to support program engagement with senior congressional staff members.
  • Managed a budget of approximately $450k.

Department of Defense — OSD Legislative Affairs Washington, D.C.

Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Non-career Senior Executive Service (SES) 08/2016-01/2017

  • Supported the Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs on all engagements between the Secretary of Defense, the Deputy Secretary of Defense and Congress.
  • Developed and pursued strategies to achieve the full range of legislative priorities of the Secretary of Defense.
  • Helped develop Department of Defense positions and negotiated text improvements to the FYI 7 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).
  • Provided internal analysis to senior Department of Defense leadership of congressional actions and priorities.
  • Managed and coordinated congressional engagement across the Department and managed a staff of nearly 60 military service members, civil servants, and appointees.
  • Awarded the Secretary of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service.
  • Team Chief Acquisition Technology and Logistics09/2015-08/2016
  • Managed congressional engagement and pursued legislative priorities as a direct report to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition Technology and Logistics (AT&L) and his organization.
  • Regularly engaged with the Undersecretary and developed a deep understanding of the organizational structure and wide range of policy issues that affect AT&L.
  • Led effort across the Department to coordinate and address congressional efforts to restructure the Department in the FYI 7 NDAA by reforming the Goldwater-Nichols Act and the defense acquisition system.

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)


Washington, D.C.

Director of Congressional Affairs



  • Directed all House and Senate congressional outreach at CSIS and provides internal analysis of Congress for CSIS experts and leadership.
  • Built a targeted, structured, and responsive congressional outreach program from the ground up that siY1ificantly increased CSIS's profile and established it as the leading national security think tank on Capitol Hill.
  • Served as CSIS's liaison with Capitol Hill connecting CSIS experts with key decision makers in Congress while tracking over 3,000 congressional staff members and their policy interests.

Office of Congressman Rick Larsen (D-WA)

Washington, D.C.

Senior Legislative Assistant


  • Founding lead Democratic staff director of the U.S.-China Working Group, which remains one of the most active foreign policy caucuses in Congress.
  • Managed three caucuses as well as issues in the areas of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Energy, Natural Resources and Homeland Security through the legislative and appropriations processes.
  • As the Congressman's Military Legislative Assistant (MLA) provided preparation for House Armed Services Committee hearings and related defense work and worked with the Administration to further his priorities.

Office of Senator Patty Murray (D-WA)                                                          Washington, D.C.

Legislative Correspondent                                                                              5/2002-11/2003

  • Managed correspondence, drafted legislation and assisted senior policy staff in the areas of defense, foreign policy, trade, banking, and veterans’ affairs.

Staff Assistant 10/2001-5/2002

  • Assisted in the front office and managed interns.

Gore/Lieberman 2000                                                                                                             Seattle, WA

Washington State Student Director                                                                            8/2000-11/2000

  • Directed the statewide student outreach campaign for Gore/Lieberman 2000 including voter registration, GOTV, coalition building and event planning.


  • Johns Hopkins University — School of Advanced International Studies Washington, D.C.
    • Master’s in international public policy, Strategic Studies 2013
    • International Staff Ride 2013, research team.
  • University of WashingtonSeattle, WA
    • BA Political Science2001
    • University of Washington Student Senator
  • Hebrew University of JerusalemJerusalem, Israel
Study Abroad  1999/2000