Mr. Ken Garber

Ken Garber

President and CEO, Del Rey Systems & Technology, Inc.

Ken Garber is uniquely qualified and experienced candidate to be a NDIA National Board member. His DOD experience as a Naval Officer and as leader in the defense industry make him a natural member of NDlA's Board. His experience on three non-profit boards including service as chair and president exemplify his understanding of the fiscal responsibilities and mission aspirations of non-profits. A long standing and active member of NDIA, he is recognized as a knowledge leader in the critical issues affecting the DIB. He is respected as the president and CEO of DEL REY Systems & Technology and as a prominent leader in the San Diego Chapter of NDIA, one of NDlA's largest and most innovative chapters.


  • Over 20 years as a NDIA member with 11 years on the San Diego Board of Directors.
  • Two years NDIA San Diego Chapter President 2019 — 2021; Currently NDIA San Diego Board Chair.
  • Established the Joint NDIA — Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA)Industry Council. Under his visionary leadership he brought the NDIA San Diego Chapter and the CDCA together to work in conjunction with NIWC LANT, NAVWAR, and NIWC PAC. This allowed NDIA San Diego members with the common interests of supporting these three key Navy buying commands the opportunity to collaborate and seek business opportunities in both Charleston and San Diego.
  • Over 30 years Defense Contractor supporting Navy, Army Air force, DARPA.
  • Over 20 years on non-profit board experience including board member, president, and Chairman of NDIA San Diego; board member of Toastmasters International; member of the Board of Directors of the SDMAC Foundation.
  • A founder, former board chair and board advisor of Support the Enlisted Project (STEP) with twelve years of service to the organization supporting junior enlisted and their families experiencing financial stress.
  • 30 years as a Navy officer; seven commands; two post 9-11 deployments and a Joint forward deployed command.
  • NDIA Leadership Accomplishments: Mr. Garber has been an active member of NDIA for over 20 years, serving as a chapter board member, chapter president, and program chair for the DON Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) Gold Coast conference. His significant accomplishments during his term as NDIA San Diego president exemplify his fitness to serve as a NDIA National Director.
  • He personally spearheaded the San Diego Chapter's compliance with the newly established NDIA Chapter Guidelines. He is engaged with National staff and is intimately familiar with National objectives and issues through his regular participation in the National leadership forums and the NMLC.
  • As Chapter president and board chair he has participated in several National Board meetings as an observer and would come to the Board with an understanding of both National NDIA issues, how the Board functions, and the experience of managing one of the organization's largest chapters.
  • As the San Diego Chapter president, he led the Chapter through the first ever financial audit by National and established an official document archiving process. He stressed alignment with National and collaboration with other NDIA chapters throughout his presidency. Mr. Garber's other focus during his term was to select a new membership chair and inspire a comprehensive membership growth program.
  • The Chapter is a leader in membership issues, well recognized by National's membership team for its efforts that have grown, for the first time, individual membership, corporate membership, and new university membership.
    • For example, the Chapter is now part of the University of California San Diego high-tech incubator collaboration program. During Mr. Garber's term as president, the San Diego chapter had the highest attended and most financially successful Gold Coast in 2019 with over 2000 attendees. When the Covid-19 pandemic cancelled the 2020 conference, he led the Chapter in conducting a virtual event that maintained the momentum of this important event for future years. This virtual Gold Coast was attended by over 1500 people and was a model for other chapters and National in conducting virtual events. Mr. Garber continues to serve as the Gold Coast program chair, working directly with DON OSBP leadership to grow the event, crafting the content to improve the value to attendees.

As the Chairman of the Board of the NDIA San Diego Chapter, Mr. Garber continues to actively lead the chapter as he supports the current board president with policy inputs, budget discussions, and as the liaison with the leadership at NAVWAR, the Navy's Echelon Il acquisition command for all C41SR systems and cyber security.


Mr. Garber is a highly successful DOD business owner with over thirty years of experience in the defense industry. As a small business mentor, he is recognized as a source of knowledge and insights regarding defense contracting, teaming, and business opportunities. A visionary business leader, Mr. Garber is the President, CEO, and Owner of DEL REY Systems and Technology, Inc. His small business acumen is recognized by all here in San Diego and he was specifically recruited by DEL REY to solidify their place in the market and to rejuvenate them as a strong provider of engineering services. Mr. Garber acquired DEL REY after managing the company in a unique three-year transitional period that has allowed DEL REY to grow into a leading small business contractor in the San Diego DIB. Under his leadership, DEL REY has become a preeminent SDVOSB recognized by industry partners and the government as a provider of superior services and solutions for challenging issues facing our national defense. Under Mr. Garber's leadership, DEL REY is sought after and regularly teams with leading larger defense contractors such as BAH, KPMG, SAC, Leidos, Orbis, SRC and Deloitte. Acquiring DEL REY is the culmination of his over 30 years of experience in the industry and his leadership at DEL REY includes active support of defense-oriented non-profits as well as aggressive business development. His experience managing a small business and dealing with larger defense primes gives him deep and unique DIB experience that will directly contribute to the National NDIA Board's effectiveness.


Mr. Garber is extremely involved in the local community. He is a member of the San Diego Military Advisor Council (SDMAC) - NDIA San Diego Joint Legislative Affairs Committee and is the committee's liaison to a local congresswoman. His high-level visibility in the local San Diego defense community is a great benefit to NDIA. He served on a committee to focus on military infrastructure developments in San Diego related to the Navy's plan to revitalize the NAVWAR facility. He is well known locally for his support of non-profit organizations that support our warfighters and veterans. He was a founder and board member of the nationally recognized Support the Enlisted Project (STEP) charity. Mr. Garber was recently chosen to be a member of the SDMAC Foundation Board of Directors whose mission is to keep talented potential DOD workforce candidates in the San Diego region through scholarships and certification training. He is also a member of the Toastmasters International Board of Directors. Mr. Garber is a doer who supports his obligations with work and actions and his broad range of experience would make him a unique voice on the NDIA National Board.


Prior to his career in the defense contracting world, Mr. Garber served as a Navy submarine officer. He retired as a captain after 30 years of combined active duty and reserve experience. He served as commanding officer of six reserve units and as the Forward Officer in Charge of an active-duty joint command after 9/11. Mr. Garber came to San Diego as a lieutenant back in 1989 and has supported the Navy labs here ever since as a Navy officer, a defense contractor engineer and as a leader in defense industry relations with the government.

Mr. Garber's education includes an MBA degree at the UCLA Anderson School of Business and a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, University of the Pacific. His industry certifications include twelve years as a Program Management Professional, being a Facility Security Officer, and a Level Ill DAWIA Defense Acquisition University certification.