David Caswell

Dr. David Caswell

Managing Director, Risk & Financial Advisory/Cyber, Deloitte, LLP
Dr. David Caswell is a Managing Director in Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory working within the Cyber portfolio across the Defense, Security, and Justice (DS&J) accounts. David has over twenty years of experience as a technologist with specialization in artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity.  His focus is on leveraging AI in concert with OCO/DCO operations to improve the efficacy of operations in the DS&J sector.   He is a retired Air Force officer who has held various roles ranging from leading network operations globally for the Air Force to developing and implementing an undergraduate cybersecurity major for offensive and defensive engagements.  His most recent roles include driving the Critical Infrastructure engineering work at Microsoft and serving as the Permanent Professor and Head for the United States Air Force Academy’s Department of Computer and Cyber Sciences.  His PhD research developed AI techniques for application to national policy decisions from Stanford University’s Management Science and Engineering program.