Tech 101: GPS An NDIA Emerging Technologies Institute (ETI) Monthly Tech Webinar Series

  • 4/4/2024 1:00 - 2:00 pm
  • Event Type : Webinar


As the navigation landscape continues to evolve, understanding Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and its role in defense operations becomes paramount. For several decades, GPS technology has played a fundamental role in guiding military strategies and operations. After its introduction in the First Gulf War, it became eminently clear to policymakers and military leaders that GPS technology enabled substantial battlefield advantages, especially in mission planning, navigation, real-time tracking, and collaborative operations. GPS has also played a major role in optimizing military logistics, enhancing situational awareness, and ensuring the effectiveness of defense systems. This presentation will discuss the basics of GPS technology, illustrate the importance of GPS technology to the Department of Defense (DoD), and provide an overview of ongoing industry, DoD, and government activities to develop, deploy, and integrate GPS technology throughout the defense ecosystem.


Undral Dalai
(703) 247-2582