The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) welcomes your abstract submission for technical presentations, posters, and/or table-top demonstrations at the 2023 NDIA Emerging Technologies for Defense Conference and Exhibition.

This year's theme is “Delivering New Capabilities to the Warfighter at Speed and Scale.”

The Emerging Technologies Conference will provide a unique forum for exploration of the new emerging technologies that will shape national security for the next century.  The conference programming will focus on several of DoD’s highest priority joint mission areas and highlight emerging technologies that are shaping the future of national defense, by gathering government, industry, and commercial experts to demonstrate and display the most innovative new technologies and discuss their defense implications.  The conference will provide an opportunity for defense procurement officials to discuss their acquisition and contracting opportunities; discuss initiatives that will deliver new capabilities to operational forces rapidly and effectively; and for one-on-one engagements between industry and government.

Breakout sessions will discuss how emerging technologies including those highlighted in DOD’s critical technology areas are being used to address some of the highest priority mission challenges facing the Department of Defense today.  Speakers from government, industry and academia will discuss how to create and deploy new capabilities at speed; address high priority joint warfighting challenges; and set the technical roadmap for investments in future technologies and capabilities.

The mission focus areas for the 2023 conference are planned to be:

Counter UAS – UAS have proven to be a decisive capability in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine and will likely shape conflicts in the Pacific and throughout the globe, disrupting operational plans and acting as a weapon of terror.  Companies and universities are developing innovative technologies and systems that can counter these highly effective asymmetric threats using kinetic, cyber, and other capabilities.  For example, advances in sensing, AI, autonomy, and other fields will drive new counter UAS systems and capabilities.

This track invites submissions on counter UAS technologies that show promise to create decisive advantage for warfighters or allow current systems to better leverage emerging technologies, especially technologies and systems that will be ready for production and deployment within the next five years.

Operational Energy – Operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine have demonstrated that energy infrastructure and critical assets that drive operations and are key targets for adversaries.  New energy technologies will enhance warfighter performance, increase the range and capabilities of defense platforms, lighten dismounted forces’ loads, and reduce the costs and vulnerabilities of fuel logistics in operational theaters.  Speakers will describe next generation, dual use energy technologies, including batteries, electric vehicles, energy efficient engines, and small modular reactors, and describe the warfighting and cost advantages of these new systems and technologies.

This track invites submissions on operational energy technologies that show promise to reduce energy costs, increase security and reliability of energy supplies. reduce energy logistics tails, improve weapons system or platform operational performance, or allow current systems to better leverage emerging or commercial technologies, especially technologies and systems that will be ready for production and deployment within the next five years.

Contested Logistics – Future military operations will likely be conducted over vast geographic areas and require the delivery of equipment, personnel, data, food, and fuel through multiple domains and in the face of kinetic and cyber-attacks and disruption.  Emerging technologies from fields such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, and autonomy are being used to create new robust and reliable logistics capabilities for future operations.

This track invites submissions on logistics technologies or systems that show promise to improve the ability to improve the planning and execution of logistics missions in contested environments or allow current systems to better leverage emerging or commercial technologies, especially technologies and systems that will be ready for production and deployment within the next five years.

Deadline for submissions: June 16, 2023

Abstract Requirements

  • Abstracts must be unclassified and cleared for public release.
  • Abstracts can be up to 3,000 characters in length.
  • Abstracts should fall into one of the following topic focus areas: Counter UAS, Contested Logistics, and Operational Energy.
  • Poster submissions should outline details of the proposed poster or tabletop demonstration concerning ongoing or completed work.
  • Presentation submissions should focus on completed work that demonstrate high impact results for the community or discuss future efforts or anticipated new developments to foster more dynamic and interactive discussions and help generate visionary ideas and concepts. Presentations will be 12-minutes in length, including questions and answers.
  • All abstracts will be considered as a potential presentation or poster, unless the authors specify in their submission that they would like their abstract to ONLY be considered for a poster.

How to Submit

Upload abstracts here: https://www.abstractscorecard.com/cfp/home.asp?EventKey=ORVEFVWP

An automated confirmation will be sent upon submission. NDIA representatives will reach out with further notifications and event details.

Please note: Submitting an abstract is a professional commitment. If the abstract is accepted, the Author commits to attend the event in-person and submit their presentations in a timely manner. Authors are responsible for obtaining appropriate public release for their presentations. Approved presentation authors will receive a discount code that will allow authors to register at a discounted rate for the entirety of the 2023 Emerging Technologies Conference.


Contact Jae Yu at jyu@NDIA.org and Tommy Kienzle at tkienzle@NDIA.org with questions about your abstract submission.

Emerging Technologies for Defense Conference and Exhibition