Printed Circuit Boards 101

  • 6/14/2023 1:00 - 2:00 pm EDT
  • Event Type : Webinar
    Event Code : 3R04


This event is now concluded!

Today's military systems rely heavily on electronics to complete their intended missions.  Printed Circuit Boards (PrCBs) & Interconnect Technologies are a critical and integral part of those electronics. Over the last 40+ years the U.S. Printed Circuit Board (PrCB) manufacturing industry has steadily declined, as an increasing number of facilities close, merge with other companies, or move offshore.  This fluctuation in industry capability and capacity, ensuing weakening of the supply chain, and limited investment in domestic R&D in these technology areas has exposed the U.S. military to very real vulnerabilities in meeting critical military electronics requirements.  With these trends, the U.S. military is becoming increasingly vulnerable to foreign, and sometimes unfriendly, suppliers to meet critical military PrCB requirements.  These issues have highlighted the urgent and critical need for DoD to better manage risk associated with diminishing manufacturing sources, material shortages, parts suppliers, and limited domestic capability & capacity for this technology.

The DoD Executive Agent for Printed Circuit Board & Interconnect Technology (PrCB EA), via DoD Directive 5101.18E, has been chartered to facilitate access to reliable, trusted, and affordable PrCB fabrication and assembly products and technologies that meet the quality, performance, and security requirements of the DoD.  The PrCB EA is facilitating collaboration within and across the DoD and industry to conduct domestic research, development, and sustainment efforts targeting component-unique requirements.

This presentation will educate the audience on the basics of Printed Circuit Boards & Interconnects and update the community on the Navy’s assignment as the DoD Executive Agent (EA) for PrCB & Interconnect Technology, highlighting progress towards achieving the EA mission to ensure DoD access to trusted and affordable electronic interconnect technology necessary for critical national defense systems and warfighter superiority.  More specifically, this presentation will include technical discussion on basics of Printed Circuit Boards and Interconnects and the manufacturing process used to produce them, their importance to the DoD, and efforts that the DoD is taking to ensure sufficient domestic capability and capacity in this technology sector.


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Printed Circuit Boards 101