NDIA SO/LIC Division: Cognitive Health and Performance Panel

Special Operations-Low Intensity Conflict
  • 4/5/2023 4:45 – 8:30 pm
  • The Army and Navy Club
    901 17th Street, NW
    Washington,  DC  20006
  • Theme : Cognitive Health
    Event Type : Reception
    Event Code : 388A


On April 5 at the Army Navy Club in Washington, DC, NDIA’s SO/LIC Division will host a Cognitive Health and Performance Panel that will launch the efforts of its newest Subcommittee, under its Policy Committee, on how the SOF enterprise, and in particular industry can assist in injury prevention, cognitive performance improvement, and the wellbeing of Special Operations Forces (SOF) Warfighters.


The efforts of the SO/LIC Division primarily support the Special Operations Forces enterprise. Included in the enterprise is the Preservation of the Force and Family (POTFF) element which was originally comprised of four domains.

20 years of sustained combat operations have created a new phenomenon across the joint force. ASD SO/LIC and USSOCOM have recognized the lasting effect that acute brain injury and prolonged stress can have on the performance of the SOF operator. To help protect the cognitive health of the force, in 2022, ASD SO/LIC and USSOCOM added a fifth POTFF domain, the Cognitive Domain. This new domain offers a new opportunity to improve the effectiveness of the force and the wellbeing of individual operators. While interventions to prevent and treat brain injury from blast, overpressure, and other causes are taking root, there is a larger, untapped opportunity to enhance the cognitive performance of operators. Decision making under stress is the cornerstone of SOF’s success, so improving cognitive performance is not just good for individuals, it is good for the mission. This panel will explore how the SOF enterprise can help prevent injury, improve cognitive performance, and ensure the wellbeing of operators both at work and at home.

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NDIA SO/LIC Division: Cognitive Health and Performance Panel