The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) welcomes your abstract submission for technical presentations, posters, and/or table-top demonstrations at the 2022 NDIA Human Systems Conference.

This year's theme is “Teaming at the Edge – Joint Cognitive Systems.” Ubiquitous sensing technologies provide small teams of military personnel with unprecedented amounts of data about their environments. Those same servicemen and servicewomen are being equipped with emerging decision support tools that have ever increasing levels of artificial intelligence to help analyze that data at the “edge” of complex sociotechnical systems. These technologies have led to the emergence of new types of Joint Cognitive Systems comprised of (1) decentralized teams of warfighters, (2) complex decision support applications driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, and (3) sensors collecting diverse environmental data. To ensure safety, survivability, and mission success, these Joint Cognitive Systems need to be capable of making rapid, quality decisions in austere and dangerous environments. Improving existing Joint Cognitive Systems – and designing/implementing new ones – is critical to the future success of US military activities.

Practitioners, Program Managers, and S&T leaders are invited to submit brief, high-impact abstracts of technical accomplishments and research-based recommendations relevant to the Human Systems COI topic focus areas listed below.

Deadline for submissions: April 15th, 2022

Abstract Requirements

  • Abstracts can address completed research, on-going research, and discussions of planned research or emerging concepts.
  • Abstracts submissions should be no longer than 5,000 characters.

  • Abstracts must be unclassified, Distribution A: approved for public release, Distribution Unlimited.
  • Abstracts should fall into one of the following topic focus areas:
  • Personalized Assessment, Education, and Training (PAE&T),
  • Protection, Sustainment and Warfighter Performance (PS&WP),
  • Systems Interface and Cognitive Processing (SI&CP), and
  • Human Systems Advocacy and Metrics (HSA&M).
  • Poster submissions should outline details of the proposed poster or tabletop demonstration concerning ongoing or completed work.
  • Presentation submissions should focus on completed work that demonstrate high impact results for the community or discuss future efforts or anticipated new developments in Science and Technology in order to foster more dynamic and interactive discussions and help generate visionary ideas and concepts.

How to Submit

Upload abstracts here: 2022 Human Systems Conference Abstract Portal 

An automated confirmation will be sent upon submission. Notifications of reviewer decisions will be sent electronically in late April.

Please note: Submitting an abstract is a professional commitment. If the abstract is accepted, the Author commits to attend the event in-person and submit their presentations in a timely manner. Authors are responsible for obtaining appropriate public release for their presentations. Approved presentation authors will receive a discount code that will allow authors to register at a discounted rate for the entirety of the 2022 Human Systems Conference. 


Contact Jacqueline Dupre at jdupre@NDIA.org and Kirkland Dickson at kdickson@NDIA.org with questions about your abstract submission.