Enabling the Joint Warfight - Joint Fires

2RO4 - Enabling the Joint Warfight - Joint Fires
  • 4/14/2022 1:00 - 3:00 pm EDT
  • Virtual
  • Event Type : Webinar
    Event Code : 2R04


Join NDIA's Emerging Technologies Institute (ETI) for the second of a four-part series titled "Enabling the Joint Warfight", covering the Joint Warfighting Concept Strategic Directives. 

The Joint Chiefs of Staff have embraced the revision of the Joint Warfighting Concept through the adoption of the first 4 Strategic Directives.  The strategic directives, intended to serve as requirements frameworks around which new operational concepts for modern, distributed, information-based warfare can be developed, are:

  • Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2)
  • Joint Fires
  • Contested Logistics
  • Information Advantage

This workshop in the series will offer a deep dive into Joint Fires, and seek to answer the following:

  • What are Joint Fires trying to achieve, and how will this be different than the capabilities that exist today?
  • What are the critical tasks that cannot be addressed by current technology?   
  • What technical or engineering efforts are underway to address the shortfalls?
  • For those efforts that will require either engineering or technology development, how long will the maturation take, and what are the potential risks to full achievement?


Dr. Arun Seraphin
(703) 522-1820