Offset in the Global Defense Trade Offset Course 2022

2751 - Offset in the Global Defense Trade
  • 4/13/2022 12:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Event Type : Webinar
    Event Code : 2751


Is global offset important? Today, over 130 countries have formal offset programs: including the biggest and most active foreign buyers. Few international defense sales occur today without successfully addressing offset (also called Industrial participation, industrial cooperation, security interests, counter benefits, and more). Global arms dealers owe more than $100B in open offset obligations, and with each sale accumulate more.

This seminar provides the necessary foundation to understand offsets globally. It covers the jargon, practice, valuation, presentation, and approvals that make up the details of successful offset programs.

With 35 plus years of relevant industry experience, Dr. Joseph Goldberg (often called the “Offset Doc”) is a seasoned professional in the subject matter. He is a veteran of multiple sales campaigns, negotiations with offset authorities, administration of more than $100M of credit approvals, and, most importantly, performing all this within the context of a complex global corporate structure. In addition, to bringing the skills and depth of expertise needed to present the material, he does so in an engaging, logical, fact-based way.


You Will Learn:

  • All the kinds of offset
  • The offset jargon, process, & details
  • How to address offset risks
  • How to limits risks thru contracts
  • How to value offset projects
  • Offset negotiations thru a dramatic, accurate, simulation


NDIA has a policy of strict compliance with federal and state antitrust laws. The antitrust laws prohibit competitors from engaging in actions that could result in an unreasonable restraint of trade. Consequently, NDIA members must avoid discussing certain topics when they are together – both at formal association membership, board, committee, and other meetings and in informal contacts with other industry members: prices, fees, rates, profit margins, or other terms or conditions of sale (including allowances, credit terms, and warranties); allocation of markets or customers or division of territories; or refusals to deal with or boycotts of suppliers, customers or other third parties, or topics that may lead participants not to deal with a particular supplier, customer or third party.



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Offset in the Global Defense Trade