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What is "On Demand"?

The "On Demand" feature gives you access to the releasable presentations and handouts from the 64th Annual Fuze Conference to view at your own convenience. Accessing these presentations from the conference allows you to gain valuable insights from the fuze community. 

The registration fee covers access to all materials approved for release for ongoing viewing.

Releasable presentations include: 

Day 1:

  • U.S. Air Force S&T Strategy, George Jolly
  • Design of a Test Methodology to Simulate Rain Environments, Richard Johnson
  • Detonation Transfer Reliability, David Pray
  • Exploding Foil Initiator Development, David Pray

Day 2:

  • Opening Remarks, Thomas Harward
  • U.S. Army Armaments Center S& T Strategy, Robert Alston
  • Novel 2nd Environment Sensor for Next-Generation Weapons, Matthew Grubs 
  • Low Voltage Polymer Multi-Layer Capacitor Development and Characterization, Joshua Dye
  • New Fuzing Solutions for Improved Safety and Operational Capabilities, Max Perrin
  • Cannon Caliber Fuze Setter Overview, Tyler Wilson
  • Effects of Orientation & Boundary Condition on Encapsulated Electronics, Caleb White
  • Conformal Antenna Design for Proximity Fuzes, Simsek Demir

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Registration Cancellation Policy

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