NDIA BI - Introduction to IP in Government Contracting

Defense Innovation
  • 12/13/2021 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • Event Type : Course, Webinar
    Event Code : 2801


This course will introduce the participants to Data Rights, IP to Know and Love, and Data Rights-IP Acquisition Negotiations with An Industry-Government Focus. For those with some existing familiarity, it will expand your knowledge and provide very useful “best practices”.


Highly interactive direct instruction, real time discussion, with the frequent use of animations, graphics, video inserts, and on-going Q and A with participants. Be prepared to engage and participate in what will be a very different presentation with two entertaining and learned experts in the field.

We will explore:  Why are IP and Data Rights Important? With inspiring presentations by the instructors

A. How to identify and secure IP and data rights early. And What are IP and Data Rights Anyway?

B. Patents – The Basic Criteria for Patenting: NEW, USEFUL, NONOBVIOUS. What do those things mean? We will use Examples of improvements as inventions, juxtaposed with pioneering inventions. Then    Very basic steps in obtaining patents---Disclosure, Drafting, Filing, Prosecuting, Issuing, with both a US and Foreign overview. (Yes, Patent Law can be entertaining).

C. We will explore Government and Industry Data Rights Policy Overview—Nuts and Bolts.
Who owns what in the technical data, and computer software, and new designs? What do contractors want, and what can the government give?

D. What to Include in Government Solicitations and Contracts? Relevant DFARS provisions governing data rights will be discussed.

E. How to Secure Data and IP Rights? And then Government IP and Data Rights Procedures: Mock Negotiation of a Hypothetical Scenario. This will be a pre-presentation hand-out setting forth a hypothetical negotiation scenario. The presenters will then go through the back and forth of the negotiation, with explanations of what’s happening and why.

Frankly, if this isn’t a rollicking good time for 4hrs, plus CLE for attorney types, then we just don’t know what is.


Kimberly Williams
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Jennifer Stewart
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Topics: Business Trends

NDIA BI Introduction to IP in Government Contracting